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September 02, 2014
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Welcome to the Official Website of

The Professional Fire Fighters Association of Midland, Texas

IAFF Local #4405

It is our desire to reestablish a brotherhood in the Midland Fire Department. The roots of our motives involve a true concern for the firefighters that eat, ride and sleep beside each one of us and the hope that we can assist their families in time of need.
It is our desire to have single, combined voice, representing a majority of the department, to address our concerns and issues… and bring them to the attention of departmental and city management and the citizens we serve in a forthright, rational manner.
It is our desire to use that voice to improve community relations, increase public awareness and promote the department.
It is our desire to give something back to the community beyond emergency services.
It is our desire to have fun while doing all the above.



What's New at IAFF 4405
4th Annual Lee Wise Memorial Golf Tournament

4th Annual 

Captain Lee Wise Memorial 

Golf Tournament presented by 

Professional Firefighters Association of Midland 

4-man Scramble – 

$500 per team Includes Meal & Mulligans! 

Great prizes for all flights – Hole in 1 prize on all par 3’s including $11,000 Pebble Beach Vacation 

Plus $5,000 putting contest! 

June 14, 2014, Hogan Park, Midland, Texas 

We are still looking for sponsors 

PFAM will issue donation letters and receipts for all donations. 

$3000 Title Sponsor 

Includes 1 free team – Prominent placement of name including: 

All event signage – Every Hole – Gifts 

2 - $1000 Fire Sponsors 

Includes 1/2 free team – Event signage – 1/2 of holes 

18 Hole sponsors left @ $300 

Chuck Blumenauer – 432-934-4373 - 

Derek McPherson – 432-352-0260 - 

Eric Stewart – 432-559-2074 – 

Doug Van Zandt – 432-638-7149 – 

PFAM – 602 N. Baird St. Ste. 207 – Midland, TX 79701 

Download: PFAM 2014 Sponsor Info.pdf , Golf Tournament Flyer 2014 Entry.pdf

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The Professional Firefighters Association of Midland is pleased to be leading an annual campaign called Firefighters Coats for Kids (FFCFK). This local program targets impoverished children living in our own community, providing them with brand-new, American-made winter coats that help them brave the cold and attend school regularly throughout the winter months. With your generous support, you will play a vital role to ensure that no child in our community is left out in the cold.


PFAM will be purchasing approximately 200 coats at a total cost of about $6,400. If you are interested in donating on behalf of this goal we would be happy to provide additional information to you.  If we can answer any question about our program, please contact Derek at or (432) 352-0260.  A link where donation information can be found is available at the following web address:

Please join in our mission to provide warmth and hope to the wonderful children of our neighborhoods.  The kids are our future!  

Fill The Boot

2013 Fill The Boot

Raised over $115,000

to Benefit Local Families Affected

with Muscular Dystrophy

Thanks to All That Made This



Public Pension Plans in Texas are Under Attack and at Risk of Being Ended
by John E. Lawson


For the last several years, most public employees in the State of Texas have been aware of Houston lawyer and Chronicle columnist Bill King and his effort to criticize Defined Benefit Pension Systems in Houston and the state. Now Mr. King, along with help from the Greater Houston Partnership, has formed Texans for Public Pension Reform. According to a August 28, 2011 article in the Austin American-Statesman, the purpose of the organization is to reform all public employee pension plans, including yours, by replacing them with Defined Contribution Plans similar to 401(k)s. The Austin American-Statesman newspaper quotes Mr. King as saying that he would support a constitutional amendment eliminating public pensions in the state and moving all government employees to retirement accounts like 401(k)s. Additionally, Mr. King is quoted as saying, “I think the state needs to get the hell out of this (pension) business completely.” This is a serious threat to your pension whether you are an active or retired Houston Police Officer.

By now you are asking yourself; what is being done about the effort to kill your existing pension benefit? 

On July 19 of this year a group of pension and public employees met in Houston and began working on a statewide effort to counter Mr. King and the Greater Houston Partnership. By the first part of August, Texans for Secure Retirement (TSR ) and Texans for Secure Retirement Political Action Committee (TSRPAC) were formed. Texans for Secure Retirement is composed of public employees (active and retired police officers, fire fighters, teachers, municipal workers, state workers, etc.) from across the state. The purpose of TSR is to defend and secure the continuation of Public Employee Defined Benefit Pension Plans in Texas.

This is a serious threat to the existence of your pension! Above, a question was posed about what is being done. The real question is; what are you personally going to do to protect your pension?

If your answer is to rely on others to fight the (your) battle, then you will have no one to blame but yourself when Bill King and his wealthy friends succeed in ending your pension. A common question received at the pension office is whether someone can end your pension. The answer is yes!

 In 2003, pension plans across the state banded together and pushed through the legislature a constitutional amendment that would guarantee public employee benefits (HPOPS initiated and championed this effort through the legislature). The amendment passed the legislature with an option that local municipalities could hold an election and opt-out of the amendment. Then Houston Mayor Bill White, decided to hold an opt-out election in Houston. HPOPS asked for help from its members to fight the election but only received help from a handful of active police officers and retirees.   So, Houston lost the protection that most other municipal employees in the state were granted. We in Houston have no pension protection.  What we have is a 1937 Texas Supreme Count decision (Trammel vs. Dallas) that says the Texas Legislature created the pension plan and has total control to increase and decrease benefits, or even end the plan.

Are you going to get involved this time? If you like the benefits you receive from HPOPS and want to keep them, then you should immediately make contributions to TSRPAC. Yes, it is understood that you contribute to other PAC Funds; however, TSRPAC has only one purpose. That purpose is to protect you from losing your pension. Texas pension lobbyists are of the opinion that the effort to end Texas public pensions will continue for multiple legislative sessions beginning in 2013 and will cost an estimated $2 million for the 2013 session alone.   If you are wondering if you should contribute to TSRPAC or how much to contribute, ask yourself how valuable your pension benefit is to you and your family and then contribute accordingly. If you or your spouse belongs to an employee or retiree PAC, you should be asking it to also contribute to TSRPAC. This is a statewide issue and will require that all public employees and employee organizations unite into a single effort in order to successfully protect and secure a livable retirement. Contributions to secure your retirement should be made to:

Texans for Secure Retirement PAC or TSRPAC
PO Box 684601
Austin, Texas 78768
(Texas Ethics Commission requires that your name, address, employer name and your occupation be reported. Please include that information on your check)

TSR is in the process of developing a website and face book account in order to keep public employees informed. The information about TSR and its website will be made available to you when it is operational. 
One final time, this is a serious threat to your pension! 

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